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To use the Tagg Along website your first step is to fill out the sign up form

You will need several things to fill out the form and complete the signup process.

Required items are:

  1. A profile picture. Image should be square and sized to 400×400 pixels.
  2. Your email address
  3. Your Address
  4. An image of your PA drivers license.
  5. Your Social Security#
  6. A PayPal account
  7. The email address connected to your PayPal account (if different than your contact email)


To become a Tagg-Along Vendor a logged in user must click the +Add Listing button which will take you to the Listing Details page.

On this page you will:

  1. Select a category, 
  2. Add an image or up to 10 images, 
  3. Enter a description and 
  4. Set the price. 
  5. Enter social links, if any
  6. Be sure that “Manually accept new bookings” – is selected.
  7. Click “Submit Listing”.

The new listing will display in your dashboard as “Pending”.
The site administrator will review your entry and have you review the site’s terms & conditions.
If approved you will receive a “Listing Approved” notification and the listing will come out of pending mode and be live on the website.


To submit a booking request for one of our vendors please follow these steps.

Go to a listings page, enter the date you wish to book the performer and click the “Request to Book” button which will take you to the Booking Details page.

On this page you will:

  • Enter a description of the event
  • Enter the start-time
  • Enter the duration
  • The event location
  • The event host’s name
  • Click “Send Request”

A ‘Booking requested’ notification is sent to the Vendor and site administrator and your information will be reviewed by both.
The order will now be visible on your “Bookings” page though it will remain in “Pending” mode.

If accepted, you will receive Tagg Along’s terms & conditions documentation which you will sign and return.
When approved the site administrator will take the booking out of “pending” mode and into “unpaid” mode and you will receive a “Booking Confirmed” notification.

You will now be able to pay using your PayPal account by clicking the Pay Now button on the booking page in your dashboard.


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